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13 April 2008: After more than 6 years, I have decided to put this site back up. I do not plan to keep it current, but will update the site as time allows. The site is still in the same state is was in 2002 and therefore does not include very recent content. Also, the Friends section is disabled since it presented privacy concerns for many fans. If any of it is of use to you, please enjoy.
21 January 2002: Many of you may have noticed that I've not been updating this page for a long time. Due to time constraints and other reasons, I will not be updating this page with as much frequency as I used to. It was nice to be the first on the internet with Myraim Hernandez page back in 1996. Now, there is a greater abundance of information on the net and many other pages that are better than this one. If there is something that you would like me to post, just contact me. Here are links to some of those places: - The Offical Myriam Hernandez Website - New! - New!
4 October 2000: Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for a few days. This was due to the fact that the web-hosting company that was on went bankrupt. I got the site back on with another webhosting company called OLM as quickly as possible so we are back online. I got some more pictures (from Fernando Ruiz) of Myriam and put them on the archive page. Many of you who have emailed me before have recieved invitations to join the listserv. I hope that you will all join so that we can share our knowledge about Myriam and her career. If you didn't receive an invitation and would like to join, go to the Messages page and put your email in the box to join.
30 September 2000: Myriam has made a new album and it is great. It gives new light on her musical taste yet it retains her beautiful voice and vocal style. I have added pictures of the new album and also a link to buy it online. I have not yet entered the lyrics due to time constraints but will do it as soon as I get a chance. Any help from you is welcome. Also, be sure to join the listserv so that we can all discuss Myriam, her music and more.
28 May 2000: I just made a listserv to go with this page. This way we can all communicate much better. The list is bilingual so everybody can share. Just go to the Messages page and put your email address into the box and press the button.
27 May 2000: I've been very busy lately and haven't been able to work on this page like I would have liked to - sometimes, life takes over. I have added some people to the friends list and have heard some rumors about Myriam. I would like some legitimate sources that can tell me what she has been up to. Anyone out there? When I get the time, I'll fix some errors that some of you have revealed to me.
30 October 1999: I've been busy with the page recently adding more lyrics that Victor Toro Izam and Peter J. Lusby provided me with. Also, in the Friends section, you may click on a persons' name to view their correspondence (as much as I try to avoid it, this feature requires just a little JavaScript).
13 October 1999: Thanks to Peter Lusby, I have added details on another compilation album (on the Albums page).
21 July 1999: I finally bought a scanner and put a picture of "Lo Mejor" (that Juan Carlos Zalazar sent me) on the albums page. I also put links to the compilation CD covers in the archive section. I decided to add a link to a Peruvian site that is dedicated to Myriam.
18 July 1999: Thanks to Juan Carlos Zalazar of Argentina, I have added more to the Albums page. A new CD is out which is a compilation of songs on her 3rd y 4th albums.
28 June 1999: I've included the words to the song "Quién Va A Saber" for Miguel Angel del Aguila of Spain who is part of the EROS RAMAZZOTTI INTERNET FAN CLUB. He explained that Eros Ramazzotti wrote this song and that ist's original title is "Come Saprei". I also encoded an MP3 of the song but I am only going to leave it up in it's entirety for only a few days.
5 June 1999: I just added some more friends to the friends page and added the country of Colombia. I am adding the countries in the order that I am contacted from that country. Except for Chile which I put first for personal reasons. I won't be able to keep this page as current as I'd like to since I just graduated from the university and got a full time job, but if you send me info, I'll do my best to put it up on the weekends.
6 May 1999: I finally scanned and added the pictures that Benjiman sent me of his trip to see Myriam in concert at Iquique, Chile. There is also the newspaper article from La Estrella about her concert.
1 May 1999: I have received word(from Ben) that today is Myriams birthday - so Happy Birthday, Myriam!
24 April 1999: I have added some countries to the Friends section and included the names of people who are also friends of Myriam. If you would like your name (and possibly email) to be added to the list of friends, just let me know. Also, Luis Carlos Vasquez corrected the lyrics of "Quiero Saber" and Elianita corrected "No Es Preciso." Thank you very much for your help :)
I have received alot of pictures and articles that I will post later. I am about to graduate from Virginia Tech (BSEE) and am very busy these days. I will get these other things up as soon as possible.
7 April 1999: Rude sent me the corrections to Mio and Todo Lo Tuyo. Thanks!
29 March 1999: Peter J. Lusby retranslated the article sent by Gonzalo about Myriam's appearence in New York. The previous translation was done with a computer program to save time. Many thanks to Peter for redoing it.
27 March 1999: Gonzalo sent me an article about Myriam's appearence in New York. If you prefer the Spanish version, you may check it out here.
23 March 1999: I am trying to transcribe some lyrics from the first two albums since the inlays don't have the lyrics printed out. On some of the songs, there are sections where I cannot understand what is being sung. I am hoping that you can help me. I have put blanks and "La La's" in places where I can't hear what is being said. The following songs are still incomplete:

  • No Es Preciso
  • Quiero Saber
  • Mio
  • Todo Lo Tuyo

    If you can help me, just copy the existing lyrics and paste them into an email. Then correct them and send them to me. Thanks :)
  • 19 March 1999: Fernando Reusche asked me to post the lyrics for Me Vas A Querer so I took some time to do it. I won't always be able to do it so promptly - but I could this time. Enjoy.
    18 March 1999: I just got a call from a friend in New Jersey (Benjamin Elicona) who recently went to Chile and had the great pleasure of watching Myriam in Concert. He told me of the wonders of her excellent performance - I can barely wait for my chance to see her in concert. I will be adding an account of his experience when he sends it to me. Benjamin also told me who the president of the Friends Club in Chile is so I added her name to the list on the Friends page. Also, Peter J. Lusby took on the challenge to translate one of Myriams Songs (Deseo - Desire) so I posted it in the English Lyrics section.
    17 March 1999: Welcome to the new Myriam Hernández Webpage. I decided to revamp it after receiving messages from many other fans of Myriam from around the whole world. Some have promised to send me information about her. Browse around the new page and if you know of something that I should add, let me know.

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